ASUS AC66U and BT Smart Hub 2

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I have a BT smart hub 2 and have just bought an ASUS AC66U router. I bought the router so I can have a VPN connection in the house. Can I just connect the ASUS to the Hub on a LAN cable to extend the internet connection? Are the devices compatible? I can’t seem to get the ASUS router to work. I’ve tried connecting to the router through the ASUS iPhone app and also hard wired on a win10 laptop using IE (


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What router model, RT-AC66U or RT-AC66U_B1 ?

Are you talking about the router's VPN server or VPN client?

To use either of the VPN modes the router must be in "router mode" (which is the default) and therefore be connected by Ethernet between a LAN port on the BT Hub and the router's WAN port. This will create a network that is separate from your Hub's network.

Once you have wired the two devices together as described connect a laptop/PC to one of the router's LAN ports. If your laptop/PC has a WiFi adapter disable it for the time being. Press the reset button on the back of the router. After the router boots up you should be at its setup screen. Setup your SSIDs, passwords, etc. Note that you cannot use the same IP address range that the Hub is using, it must be different.
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Thank you!
I had issues setting up. Had to hard reset with the WPS pressed and power on option in the end and be patient for a good few minutes for it to work initialise.
Eventually got there.
And ive set up my NordVPN client too.
Great product.

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