Asus AC66U B1 Aimesh network log


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I´ve recently added a Asus Lyra to my mesh-network. I have two AC66U b1 that are wired together and then a lyra over the 5ghz backhaul. I´ve been having some issues with connectivity on the Lyra network though. Ive noticed that units that connect to it will periodically disconnect from the internet, but it doesnt loose its connection to the wifi. I also noticed that my Ps5 (that was connected to the 5ghz network but is now on wired) had similar issues with being connected and still disconnected. It was connecting to the main router, not the Lyra one. Strangely though, my 58" smart tv streams just fine over 5ghz (4k).

While searching around i noticed this reoccuring line in the logs, .12 is the Lyra node.

Feb 16 16:43:11 kernel: already exist in UDB, can't add it

sometimes its as often as once a minute. There is no other mention of .12 or the Lyras MAC. I tried manually setting it but it didnt seem to help.

I live in an urban area so my channels are clear (using 40, checked with wifi analyzer) and i cant really connect it to any specific setting. I rather not reset everything just yet and i was hoping someone could recommend something. I have no idea what the UDB part means but again its refferring to the Lyra node.

would appriciate any tip or help. SInce both the Lyra and the PS5 had similar issues i get the feeling that its the main routers 5ghz network thats dropping the connection. That would explain why the units connected to the Lyra doesnt report any outage in wifi, since that connection is still intact.

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