Asus AC68U Access Issue

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Tattz The Bear

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Is anybody having any issues logging into their AC68U lately?

I'm not sure if it is related to the latest Asus firmware update (Current Version : or not but for the past few days I have had to re-boot the router to gain access.

It is then fine for most of the day but then something happens and I cannot get in, either via my browser or the Asus phone app. I usually only discover this when I go to log in to the router the following day.

I should add that whilst I cannot gain admin access when in this state, all other PC's and devices on my network are working without any issue.

I'd be interested if anybody else is experiencing this and if they found the reason and/or cure.


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Thanks azbruno, I'll give it a go. I assume just turning the unit off and on (30 seconds later) via the power button does not have the same effect?

This post has some reference links for installing the latest firmware:


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