Asus Ac68U as nodes.. firmware upgrade question


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I have an AX86U as the main router and two AC68U's as nodes for the AI mesh system. I have not upgraded firmware for a long time and was starting to have some connectivity issues and figured it was about time. I use the Merlin firmware. I upgraded the main router and it was seamless and works great. I then downloaded the firmware for the AC68U's- same release date. It is version 386.7.0

I think I have the process down right...

I hook up the AC68U wan port to modem. I hook up my PC to one of the LAN ports... I try to login and cannot get access to the router. I turn off both the modem and router first. then turn on router... then turn on modem. Nada...zilch... lol

What am I missing here?

Any help would be appreciated


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OMG- never mind. I am an idiot, lol.

I got into the main router and could see the nodes... i went to upload and it wouldnt work. I was thinking I had to be connected directly to the nodes to upload upgrade. I kept getting an error when trying to upload the firmware file.

Well, maybe that is true that you can be connected, but it works much better if you have the file for the right device. AC68U, not AX68U, dummy...

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