ASUS AC68U in AP mode can't block internet access


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I have a two routers setup, where ASUS AC88U is the main router and ASUS AC68U is connected via cable to the main router and is in the Access Point mode. Both routers have the latest Merlin firmware (386.3_2).

So I've got a device connected to the AP router and I want to block internet access to it. The issue is that on AP router I cannot block internet access — toggle just doesn't appear. On the main router I can't even see the device appear in the Client Status menu.

Is this a bug or a feature and how can I block access to the device in this case?

Any help will be appreciated.


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In order to block internet access to those connected via the AP, it has to be done on the primary router, where the internet connection is actually being hosted.

I can't explain why the primary router doesn't display the MAC address of clients from the AP, but regardless, as long as you KNOW the MAC address, you can still create a blocking rule on the primary router using AIP (AiProtection) and time scheduling (just choose the Block option if you don't need a specific time).

P.S. It could also be accomplished w/a firewall-start script and appropriate firewall rule. But I assume most ppl would prefer to use the GUI if possible.


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So sorry for the late reply, but thank you very much, eibgard! I've figured it out. Didn't know that the blocking feature works by using AiProtection and time scheduling. Thank you very much again and have a great day!

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