Asus AC68u power brick identical to Asus AX86u?


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Due to short supply issues thinking of upgrading and buying product from a different country. Would the power bricks share the same wattage? Trying to figure out if there is any difference or not..


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I'd be more concerned about what type of mains plug the power adapter has, and whether the WiFi region is compatible. What country are you in and what country are you importing from?


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That's why I was thinking if it was identical to use my existing power mains
Ah, I see. Using the RT-AC68U adapter. No they are different.

The RT-AX86U has a much higher power requirements and I think uses a different size jack plug.

RT-AC68U: 19V 1.75A
RT-AX86U: 19V 2.37A

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