Asus AC86U creates new network

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I have an RT-AC86U running 384.19 with another AC86U and an AC68U acting as nodes.

My network sometimes loses connectivity and the router creates a new network as if it had not been configured.

The network will be called ASUS_b005_5g or similar.

I can access the router via a browser in this state and it is as if it had just been taken out the box. Within a minute or two, the new network disapears and my configured network returns problem free.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?


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Just upgraded the firmware on the main router and it's happened as soon as it rebooted. I also can't connect to the router using .... stranger and stranger still.



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If you've simply been flashing new firmware as it's become available, without doing a full reset to factory defaults, this could be the issue (interaction from old firmware variables with the currently installed firmware expectations).

Has each router been fully reset recently?

If not, the following may be of help to get your routers/networks to a good/known state.

I would also suggest flashing to RMerlin 386.1_0 release final first before doing the suggested steps below to gain the benefits of the AiMesh v2.0 upgrade too.

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021

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