Asus AC86U Merlin mapping problem

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New Around Here
Hello everybody,

first of all sorry for my bad english.

I have an Asus AC86U with Merlin 384.16 which runs very well.

Directly connected via LAN is an outdoor repeater which I have on the outside of the house.

Now to my problem:
When I click:
VPN - VPNClient - Open VPN and upload the Opvn file from my provider and start it is all secured with VPN.

Also the repeater connected via LAN.
Now I don't want to assign some Ip addresses with VPN. You do that via the line "Force Internet traffic through tunnel" and Policy Rules.

It works great, but the problem is that the repeater doesn't have a VPN and I can't manage it. Does it have to be given somewhere else because it is connected via LAN ???

Even manually entering the repeater IP in the "Policy Rules" was unsuccessful

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