Asus AC88U in AiMesh

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New Around Here
Hi, new to the forum - be gentle.

I am trying to create an AiMesh with my asus AC88U as the router and an asus 1900P as the mesh node.
Both devices are running Firmware , have been factory reset and rebooted (several times).
Since they were both factory reset, all of the settings (except username/password and PSK) are defaults - no crazy updates or settings.

AC88U sees and connects to the 1900P, but the connection is listed as WEAK.
Even with both devices in the same room and 2 ft apart.
Setting up the mesh using wireless back haul connections since that is how I plan to use it.
Tried with Smart Connect enabled (one SSID) and disabled (two SSIDs).

I tried using a different 1900P (I have 2) and got the same results.
Tells me it is either a setting(s) I am missing, there is something wrong with my AC88U (works fine for clients tho), or the AC88U / 1900P combo is no bueno.

ASUS support was little to no help.
All they could supply was using a wired connection between mesh units (kinda defeats the purpose for me).

Please help!


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