Asus ac88u router

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I would like to create a mesh with another asus router. I currently have an Asus ac88u router with Merlin firmware and an Apple Extreme setup as bridge. Any recommendation as to which router to get? I was told that AX routers don’t work well with AC routers. Is this true? Should I stay with AC routers? I am limiting my budget to $200. Thanks.


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Your router doesn't support mesh (specifically, AiMesh).

Is your goal to extend the Guest network around your home?

You will need to buy at least two RT-AC68U's. But, not recommended today. Too old, slow, and with limited range and throughput which all affect stability and reliability too.

Where the game starts is with two RT-AX58U's. But again, not recommended (for the price they currently command).

Two RT-AX86U's is where the benefits of upgrading will show. Particularly if you can have the AiMesh node, wired. On sale, with any luck, you will find them at or less than the RT-AX58U (which they run circles around).

How big is your home? How many levels? How many concurrent client devices are in use at any one time? What ISP speeds do you pay for?

I would guess (without knowing any of the above) that a single RT-AX86U will easily surpass what you're currently using. Without needing a second unit for a 'mesh' at all.


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My router is an RT-AC88U. It should support AiMesh. ISP is providing me with speeds of 600mbps. Home is 2400 sqft. one bedroom is having issues connecting to router which is further away from router. I have about 15 devices connected at one time. My goal is to get better signal to that bedroom. Sometimes my 5ghz connection drops on some devices. Devices will not be wired.
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I run an RT-AC88U as my main router running 384.19 and use a RT-AC68U as an AIMesh node with no problem.


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@Katy, sorry, I missed your answer somehow.

I meant AiMesh 2.0, which is much more stable and reliably switches client devices between nodes than v1.0.

A single RT-AX86U should give more consistent performance, stability, and throughput in your home than any AiMesh 1.0 setup with what your current router is capable of.

If you're able to do a wired AiMesh node, then that will save you some money and should give you better coverage, if not maximum throughput.


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Thanks. L&LD. So it sounds like it might be best to use Asus Router AX for AiMesh 2.0. Does the AX92U dual pack give you AiMesh 2.0? Is the AiMesh way more stable than 1.0? Also, the routers will not be wired since I plan on putting one of the routers in a bedroom and other in living room. If so, I might end up going up in my budget to get that.


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I'm always curious about the varying environments routers have to contend with. I also use an RT-AC88U and it's the only router for my whole house. There is nowhere in the house I can find with a laptop and inSSIDer where the signal is worse than -55 dbm or so, and my house is 2700 square feet. Even cellphones at the far reaches of the house show up around -62 dbm as seen by the router, and the phone sees the router's signal around -56 dbm. I can get up to 150 feet away from the house outside and still see the router's signal at -69 dbm, and the router sees the phone at -76 dbm or so. The house is mostly drywall and 2x4s, though, which is much easier for the signal.

A friend's house has an AX88U, but they have a fireplace in the center of the house that is clad in stonework. Anywhere with that fireplace between it and the router has -80 dbm or worse.

Does your house have stone or brick walls/floors?


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@Katy, I am not certain what the RT-AX92U routers support. I only buy and recommend RMerlin supported routers to my customers.

About | Asuswrt-Merlin (

Be sure to ask here which RMerlin supported router you're willing and able to buy. Not all models supported currently will be for much longer. ;)


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Hi sbsnb-I have a lot of double low e windows between router and back room. Before I invest in an extra router, I want to make sure that an AiMesh system my work.
L&LD-Thanks for the advice. I am thinking of getting a AC68u router and. Wait until AX standard is establish.

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