[ASUS AX11000] How to get old vpnClient like functionality on VPN fusion screen.

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I did upgrade my asus router to ax11000 in gaming-line router. I see not that it does not have vpnClient but vpnFusion - in theory it can do the same thing but what I was able to do on old client and can't now is to have work openVPN client connected all the time and only some route (server side configured) is pushed thrue VPN. In old client all I needed to do is load ovpn file and it worked in new VPN fusion UI when I select tunnel then all comunication goes thrue tunnel but if I don't select it then no communication goes there. Is there any missing setting that would give back old vpnClient behavior? I know that loading merlin firmware maybe would work but I don't want to lose vpn fusion entirely as its cool when it comes to do other stuff.

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