Asus ax56u - replace or go for asus mesh?

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New Around Here
hey everyone,

so currently I have around 30 devices connected using wifi.

my main router is an asus ax56u in the ground floor, then I have a xiaomi router in the first floor (wired to the asus) and I have a repeater in the basement (powerline connected)
so as I have several iot devices and cameras, the single Asus cannot hold them all, that's why I've added the 2 other devices as I had them hanging around

it's relatively stable but i've been thinking about upgrading to a better solution without crazy expenses

I mean, I know I could get a ubiqiti router + a couple of ac points and maybe spend around 300€

or just get another asus and connect it using asus mesh to which i could probably get a low speed thing for cheap I guess (upper floor just iot stuff no need for good speed)

the thing I miss the most right now is when I reboot the asus or the xiaomi the devices will connect to whatever is turned on and they could be connecting to the one that's further away,
so having the option to choose to what AP They will connect will be a must
also it would be great if I could have a vlan dedicated to the iot devices, I had it before using Yazfi but it will only work for the devices connecting to the Asus as the xiaomi (custom firmware) doesn't have the option
I guess Yazfi still doesn't work when using mesh so that will be out of the equation

appreciate your toughs on this! thanks!

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