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Asus ax58u box v1 vs v2

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I see a difference in the box for this ax58U model. Can you tell me which of these models supports Merlin firmware? Thank you!



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Only Ver1 is supported by Merlin. It should be on the box what version it is. Version 1 is getting hard to find so if you want Merlin support choose wisely.
The one that says "Broadcom Quad-Core 1.7GHz" is V2 - no Asuswrt-Merlin support. The other one can be V1 or V2, check the label.
Cleared. I read that only v1 supports this firmware. I found these models on the marketplace and since it's hard to communicate with someone who doesn't know what I'm looking for, it's easier to tell the difference at the box! If the moderator considers it unnecessary, it can be deleted!
Thank you guys!
The box with no information on it doesn't guarantee V1 router inside. In general - avoid this model. It may lose Asuswrt-Merlin support soon. It's not only weak hardware, but also locked in firmware to AX3000-class. The same hardware is used for AX5400-class models like RT-AX82U. The cheapest Asuswrt-Merlin supported router I would be looking at is RT-AX86S with RT-AX86U option if the budget allows.

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