Asus AX82u as a Aimesh node (even without merlin)?


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Hello there.

I have just bought a Asus AX88U and it's been running with the Latest Merlin firmware without any Issues. In my Old setup I had an AC88U with an AC68P running as a Aimesh node.

I'm thinking of a AX-82U to run as the new Aimesh node, but Merlin firmware is not available to it, I would have to keep the Official FW.
It will make any difference for me since this its just an node? Unfortunatelly in my country the AX82U it's the only AX model cheaper than the 88U.

If I keep the AC68P as an node I can have any problem mixing the Routers, besides the slower network?



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I usually recommend matched routers for the best AiMesh performance and stability.

However, since you already have the RT-AC88U and the RT-AC68P, try using one of those first.

I would not run AiMesh with a mix of stock and RMerlin firmware (the firmware forks are seldom on the same GPL version and that can and does cause unnecessary issues for many users).

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