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hi i have 3 asus linked togheter. but i get a funny IP on one of them

but when looking in client list i see it with a ip.

why is that? cant figuer it out and did not get any help from asus.
i use merlin on all router beside the old ac66u

i have tried ax88u is the main unit suppling IP, ac87 is in AP mode and ac66 is repeater



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Is that just a reporting issue? Does your network still work as you need?

If not, turn off all three routers and then boot them up one at a time, waiting for 5-minutes before booting up the next device.

Jack Yaz

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It's probably the 87Us Quantenna chip


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the network works... but i dont get info about connected devices on the 87u router,
it respond to a 192.168.*.* ip


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169.254.x.x will be used if a device gets no IP from anywhere else or internal WiFi IPs AFAIK.

Update: Seem I am correct, DHCP not working:
If the computer is unable to find the IP address information, it uses APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) to automatically configure itself with an IP address.
yes i understand that but it respond to a 192.168 ip but show up in the discovery application like a 169 ip

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