ASUS AX88U- issues with FW since WAN "fix"


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Hi there!

I have been ASUS support for few months now, and every time they say it is my fault.
Initially, my ASUS AX88U had issues with link speed on Samsung, that the link speed is not consistent. They blamed the concrete wall and I took it.

Now, after they mysteriously manage to solve it- partially but that is a start- the speeds are averagely lower- only WiFi, but- every issue I have ever had of speeds is only WiFi anyway.
Averagely, speeds are lower to about 600Mbps over WiFi, only since that FW with WAN fix.
If I roll back the FW to the previous one before that. I loose the IoT fix they do- and it somehow helped with Samsung S20Ultra connectivity (dont ask me how, it is how it is).

Any thoughts? Someone is in the same spot?
They asked me for a feedback, and gone. I belive it is a good sign.
On previous feedbacks I have been asked for, their answer was pretty fast - and did not see anything that can assist.

Thank you


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My thoughts? You're rambling here it seems.

What firmware versions are you talking about, specifically?

How are you determining speeds are lower ('averagely' or otherwise)?

Accessing a router through a concrete wall is a good method to achieve inconsistent speeds on a handheld device at random locations.

What 'WAN' and 'IoT' fixes are you referring to?

What are your router settings and how did you set up/configure your router?

Any more specifics that you can provide in easily digestible form may help in getting you answers and solutions.

'They asked me for a feedback, and gone'. What does that mean in English?

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