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Asus Axe 7800 setting WiFi AC only mode and problem with devices not finding WiFi on specific channels.

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Before I bought this router I was using Asus ax55 that had a clear switch for wifi6/AX mode in wireless settings. I've been using AC before because not all devices were able to use AX. I wanted to do the same here but the option is gone. I can't find anything related to AX/AC mode. Is there a way to choose the mode? I use axe7800 in AP mode.

The second question I have is about channels. My neighbours WiFi is on channels from 36 to 48 so I wanted to set a different one however DFS channels are a no go and anything above DFS channels doesn't get detected by any of my devices (smartphone and VR headset). Only when I go down to 40mhz setting it allows me to use channels above 128 but then the speed/bandwidth is way lower. Between 120 and 128 my devices do not detect the WiFi at all. My axe7800 has the newest firmware.

I'd really appreciate an advice and information.
If you can mention what region of the world you are in, it would be helpful...

Different countries have different basic rules about what channels are available for use, esp in the 5Ghz band

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