ASUS Blue Cave Firmware version

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Version 2019/04/0336.87 MBytes
ASUS Blue Cave Firmware version
Security Fix
- Fixed CVE-2018-20334
- Fixed CVE-2018-20336
- Fixed null pointer issue. Thanks for CodeBreaker of STARLabs’ contribution.
- Fixed AiCloud buffer overflow vulnerability. Thanks for Resecurity International's contribution.

Bug Fix
- Fixed AiMesh LAN IP issue when router using IPv6 WAN.
- Fixed AiMesh connection issues.
- Fixed Network Map related issues.
- Fixed Download Master icon disappear issue.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 5456204441a7cb8f11c9fcf9e6b68a8e

Download Link


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Thank you for the notice; nice update, does appear to have fixed several minor nits including the Network Map related issues as promised.

Again, thank you!


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Sorry if this sounds whiny, but -- Blue Cave gets a firmware update and AC86U still hasn't??? :(


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Sorry if this sounds whiny, but -- Blue Cave gets a firmware update and AC86U still hasn't??? :(

Yup, whiny! :)

You're forgiven but just don't do it again. ;)

Patience grasshopper!!!


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I am trying to update this firmware with a BlueCave acting in AP mode. It currently has the last release installed. However, trying to manually upload through the browser just hangs at Please Wait, Applying Settings and trying to force a check says it can not reach out to Asus's servers. I am unsure if our corp firewall could be blocking the check. Does anybody know what ports the GUI manual update check uses?


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Sorry if this sounds whiny, but -- Blue Cave gets a firmware update and AC86U still hasn't??? :(

Because Blue Cave had been much longer without regular updates than the RT-AC86U? Or because the RT-AC86U has a LOT more features, requiring more development and testing time? Or because 384_45708 is known to have broken VLAN code, and they delayed all other models based on this firmware until they get that patched and tested as well?

Plenty of valid reasons - just pick one...


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Anyone notice that beamforming options in the wireless professional tab are missing and I believe Multi-User MIMO is a new addition? Performance at default settings seem the same.


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Sorry if this sounds whiny, but -- Blue Cave gets a firmware update and AC86U still hasn't??? :(
Blue Cave is a newer model and they have to support it because of all the wifi issues at launch. I took a gamble on this device and use it as a Mesh Node connected to my RT-AC88U through CAT7 cable. This setup is working perfectly so far with no clients dropping or anything. I use separate 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz radios. So most of my devices connect to 5 Ghz network and any guests or low priority ones connect to 2.4 Ghz. The Lantiq/Intel chipset this blue cave is using is really garbage. Why can't intel use one of their low power Atom CPUs instead of some MIPS dumpster fire? A good CPU in Blue Cave whould have made it superior.

I hate this "Purposely holding back features" on current routers by router companies. Look at those abominations called RT-AX88U and RT-AX11000. They cost as much as a new PC but cannot perform basic wireless functions without being bug free. Router companies employ new buyers as beta testers for products which have Draft standards and don't even have WPA3. For the price they command, they can't even include a single full 10 Gbps Ethernet port..forget about providing 2-4 such ports.Is this a joke?

I love smallnetbuilder reviews as they call out this nonsense from their first sentence.
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