Asus CM-16 Cable Modem.

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Few months ago I purchased Asus CM-16 cable modem and it has been working flawlessly. Im paying for 200/5 plan with Xfinity and im getting 240/6.

According to Asus website: "Asus CM-16, Pairs perfectly with ASUS signature routers such as RT-AC68U".
Im using Asus AC68 router connected to Asus CM-16 modem.

But I can't find any informations, as to why, or the benefits of CM-16 cable modem being "perfectly paired" with an Asus router.

Ive used Motorola cable modems in the past with my Asus AC68 router and I see no difference vs using Asus CM-16 cable modem.

Am I missing an extra option or specific feature by pairing Asus CM-16 with Asus AC68??

Thanks in advance.

I wasn't sure if this is correct place to post the question. If its not, Mods please move it.


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It's 'perfectly paired' for Asus, of course. They want to sell you two items instead of just one. ;)


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The perfect marketing term, like magical AiMesh. :cool:


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It's 'perfectly paired' for Asus, of course. They want to sell you two items instead of just one. ;)

Oh well. I was hoping there was more to it.

I bought the Asus modem used for half the price. I hope it will last me far longer than Motorola Cable modems, which I used to replace every year for over a decade. I never rented cable modems, instead I would buy a new one at local retail store and 1 year 1month, it would crap out like clock work.
My Boss rents cable modem/wifi router combo from Xfinity and he had to replace them 3 times in the past 5 years. While my Asus AC68 router keeps on working, year after year, countless of flashes to every 3rd party firmware on the market.

I digress.

Im ranting.

Cheers. :)
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