Asus DSL-AC68U Firmware

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hopefully Asus tested it a bit better this time....


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I see this was published on the web site today, 30th June.

There's no mention in the details about "fixed broken Ethernet ports issue" which caused to be withdrawn. Anyone tried 38287 yet?

I installed it yesterday and seems to be working fine. All my Ethernet ports are working. I'm in Australia connected by FTTN (VDSL) and notice for the first time after several firmware updates that my download speed increased by almost 15%. So far I"m very happy with the update.

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I see this was published on the web site today, 30th June.

Sometimes if you edit the properties of a guest network and hit "apply" the router continues to work but it is not longer possible to access the router's web interface to make further changes from a computer conected by Ethernet or WiFi, or to access it from the smartphone app. You have to turn the router off and on again before you can access the user interface again. And it's also once become impossible to access the web interface even though I've not changed anything! Very disappointing after the fiasco of the last update which was so bad it had to be withdrawn. I also note that syncing the guest network across all AI Mesh nodes STILL does not work even though the original sales information for the Lyra nodes said "all features of the router are supported" two years ago!
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All good for me so far, but I haven't tried any changes to guest network yet. I'll probably stick with it if I know that it has to be hard reset after any changes.

The cert with proper SANs is the main bonus for me with this release. Nice to finally be able to use HTTPS management without any warnings.

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