Asus dsl-ac68u GFast compatibility


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Hi there. I live in the UK and recently upgraded to a better copper based broadband service called GFast. I've used the Asus dsl-ac68u for many years on my older Vdsl connection and I was very happy with it. It's a very stable modem/router compared to what my provider offers. However, my ASUS DSL-AC68U no longer works with the new fibre package. The exact error message is: "Internet Status: The network cable is unplugged." and the DSL link status remains in the init. mode (initialise mode) . The system log shows the following error messages : 1)Connection terminated and 2)Modem hangup. The DSL cable does work, as when I plug it back into the new sr204 modem provided by Sky UK, the internet works fine. The ASUS DSL-AC68U also works as it was connecting to the internet with no issues before the engineer made changes in the street cabinet to connect me to the GFast service.
The asus modem is running the latest firmware available on the website and I also tried the latest merlin firmware with no succes.
In the mean time I bought an ASUS dsl-ac88u and this one works with the GFast service. The problem is that I'm not happy with it because it is not compatible with aimesh and there is no support available from the manufacturer and no custom firmware available.
Shoud I play more with the settings on the ASUS dsl-ac68u or the hardware it's not compatible with the GFast service ?
Thanks .

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