Asus dsl-ac68u / rt-ac68u failover query.


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I'm UK based and am using an Asus dsl-ac68u for VDSL. I'm experimenting with separate modems used with an rt-ac68u. No problems so far.

I need the best broadband uptime possible due to having family members who are heavy internet users and have recently bought a Teltonika TRB140 4G/LTE modem for failover use.
This is working fine here with an external antenna. Failover/failback was working perfectly O.K. with either Asus router.

On revamping my network and making backups of each router configs, I noticed that I had left the '802.1Q' setting in the 'WAN' section at 'disabled' in my experiments.
The internet was working with this setting disabled.
Enabling this and rebooting the router causes the TRB140 to be not seen on the secondary WAN.. Functionality is restored by disabling '802.1Q'.

My ISP (Zen) states that '802.1Q' is required..

Does anybody here have any insights into this??


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