ASUS DSL-AC68U WAN sync speed low on Sky Fibre

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New Around Here
Hi All,

Switched from the Sky Q Hub to the Asus DSL-AC68U, as the Sky router is seriously lacking in many features(WiFi range, guest connections, QOS etc).

Had issues connecting using the default firmware out the box, so updated to 384.17_0-gnuton1, connected first time!

Pretty Stable so far (had running for around a week), no major issues - so pretty happy. The only issue I do have is WAN link speed, I am currently syncing around 43mb, where as the Sky router was syncing around 58-60 (New fibre run to the village and cab installed approx 350m away).

If anything I was expecting the sync speeds to match if no exceed the Sky unit - anyone else have these issues?

I have not really messed with the DSL settings, does anyone have a comprehensive list of settings to enable/disable for Sky Fibre in the UK?

Many thanks

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