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Asus DSL.AX82U

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Good evening everyone. I currently own an Asus DSL AC68U but would like to upgrade to the DSL AX82U. On my model, the AC 68 U version, I had increased the strength of the wifi signal with a sequence of commands that I had found here on the forum; is it possible to do the same thing with the AX82 U DSL version?
DSL-AX82U will perhaps have better Wi-Fi range anyway. You can't increase the Tx power over the hardcoded limit for your region.
Thanks for the reply!!! So for DSL AX82U there is no wifi boost procedure?? For DSL AC68U it was this:

nvram set asuscfe0:ccode=#a
nvram set asuscfe1:ccode=#a
nvram set asuscfe0:regrev=0
nvram set asuscfe1:regrev=0
nvram set asuscfecommit=1
nvram set 0:regrev=0
nvram set 1:regrev=0
nvram set 0:ccode=#a
nvram set 1:ccode=#a
nvram set pci/1/1/ccode=#a
nvram set pci/1/1/regrev=0
nvram set pci/2/1/ccode=#a
nvram set pci/2/1/regrev=0
nvram set regulation_domain=#a
nvram set regulation_domain_5G=#a
nvram set wl_country_code=#a
nvram set wl_country_rev=0
nvram set wl0_country=#a
nvram set wl0_country_code=#a
nvram set wl0_country_rev=0
nvram set wl0_reg_mode=off
nvram set wl1_country=#a
nvram set wl1_country_code=#a
nvram set wl1_country_rev=0
nvram set wl1_reg_mode=off
nvram commit
So for DSL AX82U there is no wifi boost procedure??

No and I'm seriously in doubt it was doing something on DSL-AC68U running 386 firmware. It's illegal to increase Tx power above local regulations and all Asus routers are locked down for both region and Tx power for years. It may accept the commands, but return to preset values after reboot.
I assure you that if you run that sequence of commands, you almost double the wifi power of the AC68U model and when you restart it does not return to the original parameters. Not even when you install a new firmware it goes back to the original parameters
No, I'm using GNUton's latest Merlin 386. Previously I used official Asus firmwares. Nothing old, I always keep it updated
DSL-AX82U has better Wi-Fi and this won't be needed. I would get a separate DSL modem though and this widens the router and firmware choice. No need to bind the current ISP provider technology with the router. All DSL router/combo devices are niche products and usually more expensive.
Matteo sei poi riuscito a trovare una soluzione?
I bought the DSL-AX82U , I'm using GNUton 388.1 , everything works fine. I managed to find the method to boost the signal, that works too. Flex qos and Diversion don't work, I don't know why

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