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Hi. My computer got possibly compromised yesterday so today I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch. I also checked my modem's system logs and found something interesting related to the hosts file on the modem so I decided to take a look at it through SSH and this is how it looks:

Code: localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
I obviously did a full factory reset twice, yet the hosts file stays the same. All google finds for those addresses is which I think indicates it could be just hardcoded in the firmware. I still want to be completely sure, any ideas how to make sure I'm safe? The ntp domains apparently don't exist at all, now I just manually edited those out from the hosts file and reloaded dnsmasq.

Also looking at the system logs dnsmasq seems to restart every 10 minutes with the same message:

I got Asus DSL-N66U with firmware version which is an official beta provided by ASUS.
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