Asus Firmware Poll - Merlin or Standard?

What firmware are you running on your Asus router?

  • Merlin Firmware

    Votes: 63 86.3%
  • Standard Asus Firmware

    Votes: 10 13.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Regular Contributor
Depending on what you are tying to learn with this survey, you probably either want to state this survey is only for the people who have the option to run either firmware, or if they answer standard ASUS firmware ask the followup "Is merlin FW available for your router?" Otherwise your results will be skewed by those who answered stock firmware as that is the only option. In my case I've had multiple ASUS routers through the years, and use Merlin when I can. But on a couple of occaisions got a great deal on a used ASUS router that isn't supported by Merlin.


Occasional Visitor
Yes, this survey is obviously for the people who have the option to run either firmware. I had a feeling that most people on this forum who have such an option run Merlin, so wanted to validate this.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Since SNBForums is the official support forums for Asuswrt-Merlin, this isn't the best place to run such polls if you want unskewed results. It's like running an Asus vs Netgear poll on the Netgear support forums.


Regular Contributor
I used to run Merlin all the time (years starting with a RT-AC68U), but somewhere around 384.19 I started having random reboots on my RT-AC86Us every 2-4 days. I tried everything discussed in this great forum on two different RT-AC86Us (one 2018 and one 2019) to no avail. I finally went back to OEM 384_82072 and it has run uninterrupted for 196 days (6+mos). I haven't even attempted to update the ASUS firmware at this point. I miss some of Merlin's enhancements, but reliability has become a priority.


Regular Contributor
Standard, I don't have time/patience/energy to deal with fooking around with my home router, I fix broken IT shirt all day at work, so I don't mess with my home stuff


Regular Contributor
Have the Merlin firmware, many thanks for that.

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