Asus GT-AC2900 Owners -- Do u have Wifi Radar Issues?

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Just purchased an Asus GT-AC2900 router. It's using stock firmware ( Was wondering if anyone noticed any peculiar behavior with the built-in Wifi Radar? The issues relate to the 5 Ghz frequency.

Problem #0: Wi-Fi Radar doesnt always refresh to reflect the current AP signals in my area, including the router's own AP. It is fixated on leaving APs where they were the last time (or older) when i checked.

Problem #1: Wi-Fi Radar doesn't correctly show DFS Channels (Channels 52 thru to 140) within Site Survey and Channel Statistics. At best Wi-fi Radar will, on a whim, decide to show the router's own AP at the incorrect Control Channel 100 (when using DFS). The router's wireless settings can be anything else but Wi-Fi Radar will not consistently refresh to reflect it. Any external WiFi Analysis via my phone will show the router is in fact using the correct Control Channel, however, Wi-Fi Radar is inaccurately stating it.

Problem #2: Channel Width 160 Mhz isn't shown whatsoever by Wi-fi Radar's Site Survey and Channel Statistics pages.

So that there is no confusion the router is able to make DFS Channel connections often and for several days without a problem in my area. Devices are able to connect with it. The router is also able to use Channel Bandwidth 160 Mhz without an issue (according to external analysis). Wi-Fi Radar, on the other hand, will never reflect the correct DFS channel nor channel width at 160 Mhz.

I've tried toggling START DATA COLLECTION and fiddled with the drop downs on other pages. Nothing consistently works to refresh the display.

Is the router itself defective or is the underlying Broadcom chip, which is responsible for Wi-fi Radar, badly in need of a direct firmware update?
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