Asus GT-ax11000 lan port issue


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recently i kept getting this disconnection issue on the lan port on the GT- ax11000 router but when i switch it to 2.5G port it is working . then after a couple hours , i switch it back to the original port and it is working .

there is no issue with isp connection.

Mar 13 12:13:40 rc_service: wanduck 956:notify_rc stop_wan_if 1
Mar 13 12:13:40 pppd[19278]: Connection terminated.
Mar 13 12:13:41 pppd[19278]: Child process /bin/comgt -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -s /etc/ppp/3g/Generic_disconn.scr (pid 19854) terminated with signal 15

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There is no such model as "ax-1000".

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