ASUS GT-AX11000 WAN Disabled after editing LAN settings - Firmware

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I just bought a new GT-AX11000 and set it all up without issue - great router!

Once I had everything set up, I upgraded the firmware to

What I have noticed since upgrading is every time I go in and made a change under Advanced Settings -> LAN (for instance, DHCP reservations, etc.) - it will disable the WAN connection. I either have to go in and toggle from Enabled to Disabled and back, or pull the cable and re-insert it to bring the WAN connection back online. This didn't happen on the base firmware that the device came with - _6### something.

I took back the router and replaced with another GT-AX11000 and again everything worked until upgraded to 9566

I've attached the logs and the last entry shows that the WAN connection was "exceptionally" disconnected.

Aug 18 11:19:06 WAN Connection: WAN was exceptionally disconnected.


  • RouterLog.txt
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Try flashing the firmware you want to use and then doing a full reset afterward. The M&M Config guide in the last couple of paragraphs in the link below may help (you can ignore any RMerlin specific steps).



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I can't quite remember now but the last several firmware releases have had problems.
I'm not sure about the DHCP reservations problem you describe, I've seen it a lot but
try rev 6436, I think that was the last best firmware IIRC.


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Thanks everyone. I've submitted feedback to Asus through the router itself. I will stick at the current firmware for now as the workaround is easy to deal with. Hopefully Asus will release a fix in the future.

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