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New Around Here
I have an ASUS GT-AX11000 and I'd like to get the web history out in a usable form. I've found some threads and have been able to connect via WinSCP and have my web history enabled. Some of the threads mentioned enabling sqlite3 and enable code etc, but I'm not certain how to start that process. I've Googled a ton and struggle to find the starter steps to perform these tasks.

For example the one forum (below) says
1. Obviously Web History must be ENABLED
2. Entware must be installed (why isn't it? :eek:) together with

EDIT: 10/05/2019 Firmware v384.11 now includes 'sqlite3 v3.7.2' rather than Entware's
'sqlite3 v3.26.0' utility (opkg install sqlite3-cli) (if not already silently installed by Skynet)

'find' utility (opkg install findutils) Thanks @jtp10181
1. is done.
2. sqlite or Entware - where do I begin here?


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