ASUS GT-AX6000 IPTV question


New Around Here
I currently have ISP router and would like to replace it with AX6000.
I tested with Asus N66U with the following settings (LAN->IPTV page)

Select ISP Profile: None
Choose IPTV STB Port: LAN4

Special Applications
Use DHCP routes: Disable
Enable multicast routing: Enable
Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping): Enable
UDP Proxy (Udpxy): 0

With this setting the STB box from ISP worked without problems.
I heard that the new Asus AX series routers have a problem with IGMP Snooping (Disconnects after 20 sec, no option to enable in IPTV page)

If a GT-AX6000 user could send me a preview of LAN->IPTV page I would very much appreciate it.
Also if anybody knows if this problem is fixed on AX6000 that would be great to. :)

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