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New Around Here
Hey all, new here of course.

I have exhausted all my options and asking for assistance.

My Routers 2.5gbit Port randomly disconnects every day a couple times here and there when I am gaming/browsing and I am trying to figure out where it is exactly linking to. All other connections are fine when this happens, its only my Computer, and my 2.5gbit Port.

The Motherboard that I have is the Asus Maximus Dark Hero x570 that has the Realtek 2.5gbit Port. All the Drivers are up to date. Router has the latest firmware. Not running anything special regarding settings such as QOS, Open Lan etc.

Looking at the system log within the Router Page doesn't really show anything that pops up, except for the usual "LINK DOWN."

2.5gbit light on the Router will turn off and on about 3-5 times then stays on, then it might happen again 15-30 minutes later, then its fine for rest of the day sometimes. Internet cuts off for seconds then turns it back on.

Any help will be appreciated and if you need additional info, let me know! Thanks
Do you have any other device with 2.5GbE port to test with? The issue can be on the MB side. Or different Ethernet cable perhaps?
Hey Tech9.

I do, but my biggest thing is trying to replicate the issue. I could try that.

Is this issue pretty common?
No, but the cable has two sides. It can be the MB side adapter. It can be the cable itself. Try to eliminate the obvious first.
Sounds good. I can do that. Is there anywhere on my computer that I can find where there is a log of some kind thats able to tell me what exactly happens other than the System Log within the Router Settings?

I tried looking in Event Viewer on Windows but I can't seem to find anything.
I would try with a new cable first. This is the easiest. Then use as normal. If the issue comes back - then investigate further.

Make sure your ports and connectors are clean as well. Sometimes dust accumulates over time and intermittent issues begin to appear.

Just to give more info on this situation. Sometimes it can be DAYS without this issue happening. Then some days, like today and yesterday it did it. Whats even stranger is that it tends to happen at a certain times.

For instance, it'll happen around Noon, then rarely in the evening, around 6-9pm.

Thats why I was asking about some sort of Log I can look at. Regardless, i'll still do what you mentioned above, but its good to have that info just in case.
Try moving the connectors a bit and monitor the System Log on the router side. If you trigger Link Down message - you know what to do.

Cover the obvious first, if all good - look at the PC side. What happens around noon, how often, does the computer restart, new NIC drivers, etc.

I literally barely touched the Ethernet that connected in my 2.5GbE Port and it turned off! Looks like I need a new cord.

Something so simple, yet I was going crazy for weeks because of it.....

Its the simplest things. LOL.

Thanks Tech9.
Thanks Tech9.

You're welcome. Simple things often go unnoticed.

I had to tell you to reset your router three times first and wipe your computer twice after. Missed the opportunity... next time. 🤭

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