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Asus GT-AX6000 WOL not working properly over 2.5Gb only

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When I connect my PC to the standard 1Gb port then WOL works perfectly, when the PC goes to sleep or when it is shutdown for hours. If I use the 2.5Gb port then WOL only works when the PC is in sleep mode, it does not work at all when the PC is shutdown, even 2 secs after.

Does anybody have any idea why?

I have tried both the latest Merlin 388.1_rog and the latest official Asus firmware and it behaves the same. I would prefer to use the 2.5Gb port as I have 1.2Gb internet and would like 20% extra speed over just using the 1Gb ports.

Motherboard is an Asus Z690-A Strix D4 using latest Asus network drivers

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