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Release ASUS GT-BE25000 Firmware version

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ASUS GT-BE25000 Firmware version

64.95 MB

Initial firmware release

Please unzip the firmware file, and then verify the checksum.
SHA256: 62d3f73da44d5eb61d60a9aad9e9e49d53a9488535494680baa6791af2be0f58

Seems there are some issues reported...


Update 04/11:

- AiMesh is not working
- LED/AURORA Lights not working
- Disconnects on IPTV/OTT
- AI Smart Security Protection sets blocked Sites to the Whitelist
- WTFast decreases the Speed of Adaptive Qos after using it
- Interface problems
- Wireless Network is failing to to verify connections
- USB/GBASE-T at back is not displayed as connected or regoniced
- Wireguard delays or instability when enabling DMZ Settings
- Import of VPN/Wireguard Profil not working sometimes
- Some Icons are broken
- Problems with the Certificate
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