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ASUS Lyra Trio's three-stream approach to mesh Wi-Fi fails to impress.

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while a QCA9980 a/b/g/n/ac 3x3 SoC handles 5 GHz duties

Is it really a QCA9980 (4x4) or is it a QCA9982 (3x3)? It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks like it could be a QCA9982 to me and that would match the 3x3 spec better.

Note the SKY746H200E is the marking on the device, but doesn't translate to anything found in Skyworks' catalog. So I'm guessing it's also a front end, not a power amplifier, like its 2.4 GHz counterpart.

They are probably the SKY85746-11 "5GHz, 5V, 18dBm 1024QAM FEM (PA+LNA+SW)".


Mr. Easy
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Is it really a QCA9980 (4x4) or is it a QCA9982 (3x3)? It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks like it could be a QCA9982 to me and that would match the 3x3 spec better.
It's a 9980. I'll update the description.

They are probably the SKY85746-11 "5GHz, 5V, 18dBm 1024QAM FEM (PA+LNA+SW)".
Thanks, will update article and charts database.


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Visually, they look really nice, especially in the dark :)


(LED can be disabled through the mobile app)


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Visually, they look really nice, especially in the dark

Didn't Asus use the same form factor for gaming adapters/bridges?

FWIW - the ID is interesting... Good to see that Asus is exploring options for form-factors (the Blue Hole, the OnHub thing) - not everything needs to look like a dead spider...


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They sure did, the Asus EA-N66
Ditto the USB N66, which is a fabulous longer-range adapter for laptops etc but is getting hard to find at a reasonable price.

Jim Salter

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They look like fancy push-up stands to me. How bout it Tim, will a Trio node stand up to 150 pounds or so of pressure on top? =)

I definitely agree that not everything needs to look like a dead spider, but I don't think making big weird boxes with pointless holes in them is the answer, either. Personally, I'd like to see more relatively plain, smooth rounded rectangle / ovoid pillar with sturdy base type designs. The wiggly external antennas are a lie, and I don't think there are THAT many consumers that really want their router to look like some kid's Civic with a Type R sticker, three foot tall triple wing, and coffee can exhaust tips.

Asus' design here is basically the dead spider all over again, just gaudy, obnoxious and fake in a different way! Yay?


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Necro thread...

I am NOT conversant with most networking information. I'm a DIY'er who is just trying to get a seamless wifi in his three-story house.

I was using an Asus RT-68U as a WAP. My network router is an Edgemax by Ubiquiti, attached to a 32 port switch with ethernet running throughout the house.

I bought the Lyra Trio. Here are my thoughts, having used them for over a year.

1. The description of the lights is wrong. All three of mine are purely and only being used in ethernet backhaul. (Hey, I'm proud I know what that means! At least, I think I do.) They're just seamless wifi points. They have GREEN lights...which color is NOT discussed ANYWHERE in the manual.

2. Did I just mention the manual? It is horrible. Absolute rubbish.

3. My wife's and son's phones (different models) and mine CONTINUOUSLY lose the wifi and re-establish. This cycling occurs EVERY FEW SECONDS. Continuously. For a year. Yes, it results in many disrupted phone conversations, as the wifi re-linking causes the audio to drop out of the phone. Total PITA.

4. Today, I have decided to move them around. (One on each floor, rather than one in basement and two on main level.) Well, I also wanted to check and update the firmware/BIOS. You cannot. You can DOWNLOAD a new BIOS, but you can't do a damn thing with it.

5. I should mention the app. Yes, the friggin' app. You see, if you directly access the Lyra Trio's IP address, you get redirected to use the app. Well, I HAVE the app...on my phone. The phone which is wirelessly connected by wifi to the only wifi access point in my of the Lyra Trio. Yet, it says, "No Lyra Detected". WTF.

6. The only other option, to use the Lyra app to find the Lyra Trio, is to totally wipe out all the settings, restart from scratch, and hope that somehow (without a manual) I can rebuild my mesh.

I have no idea of any of the technical merits of the Asus Lyra Trio. I do have an idea of its usability: It is disastrous. An enterprising network instructor could use them as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO!

I beg you, for your own sake, if you're contemplating the Asus Lyra Trio, do not buy it.


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@c3k: With other words you bought the design, not their functionality.

Well, not really.

My house was running Wifi on an Asus RT-AC68U, being used only as an access point. (It had filled in as a router, as needed, while I was having issues with my main router.) The RT-AC68U is a very good unit. For someone like me, a bit of neophyte when it comes to all things ISP related, the interface was nice, the menus seemed well thought out, and it was easy to set up my wifi networks the way I wanted. (One main one for me, and a second guest network for, you guessed it, guests.)

The drawback was the range of the wifi signal. My house has three floors (all in use), and multiple walls on each floor. No open plan living space. I felt a bit more coverage would be beneficial.

The RT-AC68U has an Asus AI Mesh functionality. Looking up the specs, Asus says all the various AI Mesh products work together. The Lyra Trio is one of them. It fit my needs.

If I used the Lyra Trio AND the AC68U, I'd get the wifi dropouts. I could use the AC68U to access the Lyra Trios. (Great interface on that unit.) However, the wifi dropouts were horrendous. Having unplugged the AC68U, now the three Lyra Trios are my only wifi. They do not have the guest wifi, nor can I access their menu or anything! I do have wifi...through them: I just cannot, in any way, shape, or form, control them. They're doing what they'd been setup to do.

I guess I'll have to reset the Lyra Trios to factory default and try again. It shouldn't be this hard.


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An update...

I reset all the Lyra Trios. (Unplug ethernet, hit and hold reset button, then go through the android app to find and configure them.) It took several iterations of this. Yeah, no, it shouldn't work like that...but it did.

Asus chat support was...unsupportive.

I was FINALLY able to get my android to re-link with them and run through the setup. That enabled me to access them via wifi to their individual OS menus. THAT enabled me to verify/update the firmware and set them into AP mode.

I also found the guest network setting...yay.

So, I think I've finally puzzled this all out. No, I don't ever want to do it again. (Looking at some Ubiquiti APs to solve it the next time...)

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