Asus Merlin 386 Open VPN problem


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Hello everyone. I am using gnuton firmware 386.01 on Asus DSL AC 68 U. But since last night I have a problem with the VPN. I use Express VPN configured in OpenVPN mode. Since last night, in the system log file I have many entries created every 10 seconds with written: pptp [1963]: PPTP: Unknown host 1, I don't understand why. I have never set up a PPTP client. I contacted the technical assistance of expressvpn but according to them everything is ok, even if I have never seen this type of communication in the log file.It started last night when while I was streaming, the router interrupted the connection by itself and then made it restart. I don't understand what could have happened.


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I found an anomaly in the VPN regulation, due to me. Under Rules for routing client traffic through the tunnel I had also inserted two devices with the express vpn app on board, so in some cases it was vpn + vpn. I have adjusted these two devices so that they are out of the modem vpn.

I have a question. I noticed that I can start several opnevpn servers on the router at the same time, if more servers are active and I ask that they be started in boot the router does it but then obviously uses one, based on what it chooses the server to use ???? Can I have more servers active at boot but then use what I want ????
If I activate the guest network, can I make sure that everyone who connects to that network is channeled into vpn?


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This is used in conjonction with selective routing. I have two remote sites, so i route traffic to one opnevpn or the other based on IP.
Of course if you route all traffic through the VPN, then having two active connection will not work.
I believe the first in the list will be used all the time. Hope this helps.

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