Asus-Merlin 388.1 beta3 minor glitch noticed


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I noticed that on the .388 beta3 firmware for the GT-AX11000 router (and possibly the others) that the connection light for the 2.5G port and the regular 1G port is swapped. I currently am plugged into the 2.5G port on my GT-AX11000 router but the ASUS-MERLIN .388 beta 3 firmware shows a link on the standard 1G internet (WAN) port and NOT the 2.5G WAN port. Other than that minor observation, the firmware seems to be working great.


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(and possibly the others)

This ports status is broken on stock 388 Asuswrt on AX86U as well. My router has 2.5GbE port configured as WAN:


The whole 388 code is turning users into beta testers all over again. There is also IPv6 firewall MAJOR bug present.

@sfx2000... "testing" IPv6 example on a home router running latest Asuswrt by exposing all devices with IPv6 address without knowing. Do you understand better my concerns now and why my general advice is to leave IPv6 at default disabled when not needed? It is reported, as I understand. Lets see how long it's gonna take Asus to fix.
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Multiple minor glitches in stock Asuswrt actually are perhaps getting their way to Asuswrt-Merlin:

I don't know what was fixed, but I see the same GUI bugs like in previous release. Makes you wonder what's going on under the hood.

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