ASUS NAT loopback not working with camera

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HI all
as I said at other tread nat loopback dont working.
Colin taylor said that router support it.
Everything such port forwarding and noip ddns working fine only from outside.
please help if someone knows.


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A link to your 'other thread' would be nice.

More details about your router, firmware, and any other pertinent information would help too in getting a helpful response from the people that can help here. :)


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Thanks for your reply.
The thread was
I have an isp router that has been locked by vodafone and it supports telephony.
So I opened DMZ at this router with host ip the wan ip of an asus RT-AC2900 with the newest firmware Version
Also i have two different lan
Isp router
At asus i also opened, port forward and ddns with noip.
Everything is working perfectly, except for the problem of nat loopback,If nat loopback is indeed the problem.
I cant see the cameras from inside my home, using hostname and wi fi.
I only see cameras from outside my network.
I also tested the Asus newest Merlin firmware,and nothing happened.Then i downgrated at Asus Merlin 384.3 firmware which supported nat loopback and still nothing happened.
The weird thing is that when i test my old router (an ORBI RBR40) in which the company says that it does support loopback, it didnt work either.
Appreciate it a lot, for your time, as i cant seem to find a solution for a while.


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Your issue is caused by having double NAT (one router behind another). Assuming your DDNS is setup correctly it will point to the WAN IP address of the Vodafone router. Therefore it is the Vodafone router that needs to be doing NAT loopback (even then I'm not 100% sure it would work with double NAT).


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Yea i know double-nat causes problems,but doesnt the fact that i have DMZ on and DHCP off on my first router erases this problem?(cancel's double-NAT).Thanks again for your time!


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No, using DMZ on a home router doesn't remove NAT. Not unless it also has some sort of "IP passthough mode", sometimes called DMZplus.


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I am not familiar with how your Vodafone router works to say whether there's a way around it. If you were using Merlin's firmware instead of stock you could probably get around it by creating a local hosts file entry for your DDNS name that points to your camera's IP address (assuming the internal and external port numbers were the same).

Can you not just use a different URL when you are connected to your local network?

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