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Why?? When will ASUS learn that making something "pretty" and sticking on lights and badges will do nothing whatever for anyone and won't improve the firmware or performance.

Wait for the incoming "when will Merlin be available for these models" .


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@AndreiV I'm with you on the external fluff and that awful paint job on the router (it looks like Crayola was hired accidentally)!

White is too gaudy in most home environments (much too 'stark' for the frequently warm tones most choose). Red is nauseating, particularly in this shade and particularly on this product.


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Probably because it's profitable, which is the reason #1 why any company sells any product.

Yes, you are of course correct. Sadly it just shows how gullible so many people are.

It would however be more profitable all round to produce more units of a much smaller product line.

75% of all this modern guff is simply pointless.

My son beats the hell out of people in online games, he is often asked "what rig" he has , it must be some uber gaming router and gigabit line. We have an FTTC 80/20 connection and until the AX92U's arrived we had a modem and the old AC3200 , his PC was an old dual core AMD with 6GB Ram.

Having all these stupid gizmos does not improve anything. How on earth did everyone manage without mesh?

Perfectly well until the marketing muppets conned people into thinking they needed to change everything.


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I gotta be honest, I like it haha. Specially the white one "RT-AX82U GUNDAM EDITION" .

Probably will never get it though because of the stock firmware it uses! But Asus gives its customer options, which is ok. They have the plain black ones for those who don't like the flashy stuff. To each its own.

Clark Griswald

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Probably because it's profitable, which is the reason #1 why any company sells any product.
Ah... It's a profit deal! Takes the pressure off. Get your weight guessed right here! Only a buck! Actual live weight guessing! Take a chance and win some crap!
Navin R. Johnson


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Asus has horrible aesthetic designs on alot of their routers, especially the more expensive ones.

However I do like the aesthetics of the RT-N66 and Zenwifi XT8.

On that note I have noted that the XT8 has been harder to come by on Amazon UK often being out of stock.

I'm hoping this means a WiFi 6e upgrade is close.


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Thats fine. I actually like my linksys wrt54g

Lee MacMillan

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