ASUS PCE-N15 wifi card not working with firmware 386.2_6 on AX56U ?


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Upgraded from 386.2_4 to 386.2_6 on my RT-AX56U yesterday, and just found that my ASUS PCE-N15 wifi card cannot see any of the 2.4ghz channels on the router (and hence no Internet), but is able to connect to my phone tethered on the 2.4ghz band, and can see existing2.4ghz bands owned by my neighbours.

Tried re-installing drivers on the wifi card, rebooting the PC, router to no avail. Does anyone have similar issues?

PC with the ASUS PCE-N15 wifi card :
- Windows 10 1909
- "Latest" 1.0.8 drivers for ASUS PCE-N15 dated 2015

EDIT : My other devices (newer than the PC running the ASUS wifi card can see the 2.4ghz from the router)


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did you try to set different Channel bandwidth and Wireless Mode not as auto?
Sorry I should have provided more info - yep tried different channels, and Wireless Mode changed from Auto > b/g, no difference. Stumped as to why it suddenly happened.


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OK in 386.2_6 was fixed: Fragattack security issues - that is something wi-fi related.

I would clear nvram and check.


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Found the issue - the ASUS PCE-N15 wifi card does not like the "802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6 mode" option enabled for the 2.4ghz wifi on the router. Once disabled , the wifi card could see the 2.4ghz channels.

Unfortunately no more driver updates from ASUS since 2015. Hopefully this helps others who may encounter similar problems.

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