News ASUS price hike?


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And I'm curious to see how that would apply to other markets than the USA. Canada doesn't impose extra tariffs on these Chinese imports, and since Asus doesn't manufacture/assemble anything in the US, then inventories should in theory be able to come to Canada (or other countries) straight from Asia without transiting through the USA.

If it applies to all countries, then I guess blaming it on tariffs is just the easy scapegoat, and the reasons go far beyond that. For instance, I know from various sources that these past few months, getting any inventory shipped from Asia to anywhere else is VERY expensive or very slow (as boats are much cheaper), which is in large part responsible for current stock shortages or increased pricing.


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The massive increase in the money supply by the U.S. Federal Reserve over the past year to deal with the government spending and lock downs could be sparking inflation. Related story link here Marketwatch.
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