Release Asus ROG GT-AC2900 version (2022/03/02)


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ASUS GT-AC2900 Firmware version
- Fixed string format stacks vulnerability
- Fixed cross-site-scripting vulnerability
- Fixed informational vulnerability.
Thanks to Howard McGreehan.

-Fixed SQL injection vulnerability
-Fixed json file traversal vulnerability
-Fixed plc/port file traversal vulnerability
-Fixed stack overflow vulnerability
Thanks to HP of Cyber Kunlun Lab

-Fixed authenticated stored XSS vulnerability
Thanks to Luke Walker – SmartDCC

-Fixed LPD denial of service vulnerability
-Fixed cfgserver heap overflow vulnerability
-Fixed cfgserver denial of service vulnerability
Thanks to TianHe from BeFun Cyber SecurityLab.

-Fixed CVE-2021-34174, CVE-2022-23972, CVE-2022-23970, CVE-2022-23971, CVE-2022-23973

Added more ISP profile
Digi 1 - TM
Digi 2 - TIME
Digi 3 - Digi
Digi 4 - CTS
Digi 5 - ALLO
Digi 6 - SACOFA
Maxis - CTS
Maxis - SACOFA
Maxis - TNB/ALLO

Fixed AiMesh guest network issues.
Fixed DDNS issues where the WAN IP is IPv6
Fixed UI bugs in Administration --> feedback.
Fixed time zone error.
Improved the connection stability.
Fixed IPSecVPN issues.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.



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isn't this router an ac86u with LEDs !!!! I feel asus is trolling as at this stage :D :D


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You've only been trolled of you give money for one. :p


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Yes basically it is the same device. It is even possible to flip the units form model a to b.

86u will come I do think gt owners should be first they did eventually spend more money . Besides on gt loadbalancing is still non functional.

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