Asus ROG GTAC-RT-5300 Merlin firmware on a AUS RT-AC 5300 ?

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Jordan 1200

New Around Here
I am looking at these devices for my home a 2 story 2000 sq.FT. home. I want to implement a VPN client connection to Nord VPN or VPN express via my chosen router.
Will the standard Merlin RT-AC5300 work in the ROG-GT-AC 5300 router?
Also looking at the RT-AC-RT-AC-88U.
Are they strong enough for good coverage for my home?
Can I connect a von client on these?
Are they mesh cable?

Thanks the Asus newb

Jordan 1200

New Around Here
Thanks, what about the other part of my inquiry? Weather any of these units would be suitable for my size of home?


Regular Contributor
Thanks, what about the other part of my inquiry? Weather any of these units would be suitable for my size of home?
That question cannot be answered. Not only the size of your home plays a role but layout of your residence, used materials, cables and piping in walls, pillars, etc etc define to what extend the range of a wifi signal reaches.
Further the interference of neighboring wifi can play a significant role, or the proximity of an airport or airport related equipment (e.g. low visibility radar can decrease your signal big time) The type of glass used in your house can play a role too, eg here in the desert the type of glass in my residence simply kills the wifi when going outside. Keep it simple: start with one router, see how it works and add additional gear as required.

Jordan 1200

New Around Here
All good points, thanks. I currently have a Linksys 1900acs v1 and in the farth5 corner of my home I have a bedroom on the second flior that needs a repeater to get signal.
I just bought an Asus RT-AX- 92U (unopened) thinking to return it for something else.
I want a powerful router that is able to handle the future growth I may have.
I would love some like the asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 but with support for alternate firmware like Merlin or DD-WRT.
I am not a gamer so firmware that is loaded with gaming features isn't needed. I want to stream content transfer files and have a good client VPN connection via the router.
I looked at the New RT-AX92U, RT-RC-92U, RT--AX88U and the RT-AC88U.
I like the idea of quad core dual gigabit but not a deal breaker.
I currently don't have wifi 6 tech but may in the future...
Thoughts and suggestions between my items above?


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I have an asus rt-ac5300. It has phenomenal now covers my parents 4br home (.2 stories and a basement, and a 3 car garage with a bonus room above it.

Before I got it, I had a 66 and an 87 when those where the flagship models. The 5300 range is worlds better than either of those. I was shocked at the difference.

Either 5300 model should get you at least 100mb in the area with the weakest coverage in the home.
I’ve used iperf and tested WiFi to WiFi transfers between an iPhone 8 and an iPad Air tested at about 800mb.

Personally, I try to wire any stationary devices..
NAS, plex server, and especially tv/home theatre areas...places with lots of streaming traffic.

Just be smart about how you divvy up which of the 3 networks that each device attaches to.

having two 80mhz wide 5g said’ switch 4 antennas each is awesome.

I love tri band routers.
I really love two of them connected by ethernet or maybe moca 2.5

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