Asus Router AC88U and asus repeaters RP AC55

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New Around Here

I have a main router AC88U and two repeaters RP AC55 to extend mi wifi signal, fisrt of all I tried with Aimesh configuration and was disappointing because the nodes lost connections every time and the devices cant connect unless i put a static ip, because with DHCP stay on "ASSIGNING IP ADRESS".

Because of that I tried the RP as Repeater Mode is a little bit more stable but i have this problems:

  1. Some times I cant ping the devices that are connected to the RP AC55, is like this devices were in a different Network, to solve I have to reboot the devices.
  2. Still have the problem in DHCP the devices stay on "ASSIGNING IP ADRESS" and I have to put a Static IP.


Router: AC88U
Firmware: Merlin 386.2_6


First RP AC55

Second RP AC55

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