Asus router AC88U and Netgear Access point

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Hi all, I just did setup an Asus router RT-88U and RT 86U as Access point. But I do have trouble to get a Wifi setup which does cover my whole house. I do have 1 router on ground level and the RT86U on the first floor. But not very powerful, I therefore like to go with some AP instead from Netgear or ubiquiti would that work for me?

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yes you can do it but
I will not talk about Netgear AP as I am not using them
Ubiquiti AP especially new wi-fi6 Access Point U6 LR is working very well. There would be same challenges you can read about at eventually after working with UniFi a lot people decide to switch all routers, AP to it. I have one 300m2 home setups working with ER-12 and 2x Ubiquiti UAP AC LR. Yes I know same people will tell there should be 1 AP for each 100M2 or whatever (I notice same people on this forum like to argue). It all depend of so many thinks (star with 2 will not be enough add more ). This spec I am talking is working w/o any issues for more than 1 year compering to Asus AiMesh I tested that is hard to keep stable for few weeks.
I am using Asus routers personally for more than 15y but in 2 months I am moving to new penthouse and will replace all for Ubiquiti.


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Just come to my mind, is there maybe a better setup running those 2 Asus routers? Or is AI mesh the best solution?

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