ASUS Router Merlin showing two differnt WAN ip address


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Dear folk

My question is about WAN ip address not VPN

I have got ASUS ROUTER RTAC5300 with Merlin firmware latest version

Before I connected to VPN and thorough the website
it was showing public ip address different from the "General" --> "Network Map"

And now when I connected to VPN it is still showing two different public ip addresses please see attached snapshots

Why is it happening like that ?



  • Public ip address for VPN.jpg
    Public ip address for VPN.jpg
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  • WAN IP address.jpg
    WAN IP address.jpg
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  • Website showing ip address.jpg
    Website showing ip address.jpg
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The reason is that your router doesn't have a publicly accessible IP address. The router's WAN IP is 100.97.x.y which is a CGNAT address. The 103.2x.y.z is your ISP's public IP address.

Your VPN client settings image is too small to read.

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