Asus router question

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dennis richards

New Around Here
I have an asus rtn16 router with 2 laptops using the wireless network. I have an older HP laptop that I get download speeds using ookla download test of around 30Mbs. On my newer dell laptop only couple months old I only get around 8 Mbs. I dont know if it is a pc problem or a router problem. Dell says to contact spectrum as they think it is the provider problem. I have no idea which way to turn. Anyone have any suggestions?


Very Senior Member
Well that sounds typical of Dell support.

Obviously if you have a device obtaining 30Mbps and the Dell can only manage 8Mbps the issue is not with your provider, they don't provide your WiFi connection.

You need to check the Dell network settings/NIC/drivers and any security software that could cause a slow connection.

dennis richards

New Around Here
I have tried disconnecting the wifi and using the ethernet connection out of my router and the speed is basically the same. I then tried to connect ethernet coming out of my modem from my provider but my dell wants to know the isp address and password from my provider which I do not know. I will wait till Monday to contact them to get that info.


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You have a buddy with a totally different Operating System? AppleOS or Linux? They could plug into your Ethernet and at least divide it into a router/provider vs OS issue. If theirs works ok on Ethernet, then try wireless. Eliminate the issue in big chunks first to save you some calls and finger-pointing.

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