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ASUS routers with at least 128 manually assigned IPs

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Hello, I am looking for an ASUS home router with at least 128 manually assigned IPs - "Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list (Max Limit : 128)". I found out that RT-AC86U started with 128 but a firmware update reduced it to 64. I am hoping not to use custom scripts as I am not very tech savvy that way although I can navigate stock menu very well. I don't mind if the router is not the current lineup or is 5 years old. So any info will be appreciated.
RT-AX86U, firmware Asuswrt 388_20566:

Yes, 128 is it.

However you would be farther ahead by assigning those clients with static addresses at the client. Once and done!
The cheaper version RT-AX86S may also have 128, but someone has to confirm. It runs the same firmware as AX86U.
Your router is the RT-AC86u, @nospamever ?
I can have 128 on my AC86 using this.
Your router is the RT-AC86u, @nospamever ?
I can have 128 on my AC86 using this.
Thanks, will look into it.
Just bought ASUS RT-AC86U from ebay and hope with the addon I can get 128 reservations.
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You did a mistake, because this is the most unreliable Asus router and with software issues as well:

Never buy AC86U second hand off eBay. New only and with maximum warranty available. Software bug will be still there though.
oh my. I wish we had known the full story.
This may or may not work out well for you.
my fingers are crossed.

You will need to flash the Merlin firmware to the router, and if you don't yet know how to SSH into the router via command line, you'll need to hit youtube for tutorials before the router gets to you.
Thanks, no pain no gain right?
Thanks, no pain no gain right?
well, if you did but a used router, you may learn that it's painful to spend money twice to fix a poor choice. or is it new old stock you bought, still in the original box? I assumed or inferred you already had the AC86 and were trying to stretch it further/longer
why do you need that many static addresses? There may be better ways to do things, and there may be better equipment to do it with. not getting a more complete picture of the network issues youre trying to resolve may have resulted in poor advice from us.
The max number of DHCP reservations is model specific.

If you need that many reservations however then a home gateway like an Asus router is probably not the correct product for your needs.

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