asus rp-ac68u connected with asus rt-ax86u - wifi not working


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I have an access point asus rp-ac68u, which was successfully working until today.
It was connected, as an access point, to an old netgear wndr37av router, wired connection, and provided 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi network.

I change my netgear for an asus rt-ax86u. Now the wifi networks of my rp-ac68u doesn't work anymore.
I reset the ap and configure it as an access point, I see the wifi networks provided by the ap but no access to internet.
I'm sure the rp-ac68u is well connected to the rt-ax86u because i see it in the device's list of the rt-ax86u.
I'm also sure that the wired connection works because if I plug a cable in a ethernet port of the rp-ac68u, i have internet.

I start all over again, and sometimes internet works with the ap wifi networks, but only for a moment and then it doesn't work anymore.
But the wifi network are still there, full power, but no access to internet.

I'm kind of lost now !

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have an RT-ax86u as my main router. I have an RT-AC68p as a secondary, but I set it up as an aiMesh node, and it works flawlessly.


I hope this helps
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Welcome to the forums @Strych99.

These are different routers used as nodes though. The RT-AC68P and RP-AC68U are not the same.


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"The RT-AC68P and RP-AC68U are not the same." Not the same as what?

Slightly different chipset version using the same instruction codes, and they both use the same firmware and thus they are functionally identical.

Just my humble opinion. (not looking to pick a fight here).


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As each other, of course.

One is a do-it-all router, the other, merely a (throwaway) repeater.

The hardware doesn't have much say in what the software may allow (or not) something to do (see Apple).

Not looking to pick a fight either. But the distinctions above is important.

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