asus rp-ac68u connected with asus rt-ax86u - wifi not working

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I have an access point asus rp-ac68u, which was successfully working until today.
It was connected, as an access point, to an old netgear wndr37av router, wired connection, and provided 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi network.

I change my netgear for an asus rt-ax86u. Now the wifi networks of my rp-ac68u doesn't work anymore.
I reset the ap and configure it as an access point, I see the wifi networks provided by the ap but no access to internet.
I'm sure the rp-ac68u is well connected to the rt-ax86u because i see it in the device's list of the rt-ax86u.
I'm also sure that the wired connection works because if I plug a cable in a ethernet port of the rp-ac68u, i have internet.

I start all over again, and sometimes internet works with the ap wifi networks, but only for a moment and then it doesn't work anymore.
But the wifi network are still there, full power, but no access to internet.

I'm kind of lost now !

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,


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