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ASUS RP-AC68U only using 2.4GHz Band in Bridge Mode

Discussion in 'ASUS AC Routers & Adapters' started by Gollum, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Gollum

    Gollum New Around Here

    Sep 16, 2018
    Hi, I've recently purchased an Asus RP-AC68U Repeater to work as a Media Bridge to get adequate Ethernet speed in my room upstairs. As the title suggests I' ve some issues in getting it to work properly.
    So I've searched a little bit round and found this Forum and the articles about Asus. So I thought I give it a shot ;-)

    The configuration of the Repeater works just fine and I can connect without problems to my Wifi.
    (By the way why is the Web Interface site asking me twice to configure my Wifi. Is the first one for 2.4Ghz and the second one for 5GHz ?)
    After the configuration is done the Web Interface shows me that bove Wifi Phys are Connected (If it's not there would be a red x). The log states the same.
    Also I can see the connections in my Routers Web Interface (Fritzbox 7490). Both are established and show adequate Speed 5Ghz:700-950mbit/s 2.4Ghz:250mbit/s

    BUT! This useless brick is only using the 2.4Ghz Band no matter what I do or how strong both Wifi Signals are.
    I'm only getting max. 20MB/s on Ethernet. That's a joke !
    In the last months I've used the Asus PCE-AC68 in my PC at the same spot with data rates up between 50-60MB/s on the 5GHz band only.

    Why is it only using the 2.4Ghz band? Furthermore I thing it's supposed to use BOTH bands at the same time but it simply doesn't do it. It has connection to both bands but it's not utilising them properly even under load.
    That's pretty frustrating.

    Any body a suggestion why this is the case ?

    EDIT: I've tried the stock Firmware and both with the same results.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  2. ApexRon

    ApexRon Senior Member

    Jun 17, 2018
    Apex, NC
    I am not a user of the ASUS RP-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Repeater so I went to ASUS for a manual to better understand the product. What I found was useless. However, in reading the overview for this product I realized that there could be ways to misconfigure this product to create the issue reported. Hopefully, someone else on this forum can provide better assistance.

    Please refer to: https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/RP-AC68U/overview/
  3. Grisu

    Grisu Very Senior Member

    Aug 28, 2014
    maybe this could help:
    disable 2G and make factory reset, connect again to main router and as there is no 2G it only can connect to 5G.
    After all done and running enable 2G again on main router.
  4. DeSproggster

    DeSproggster New Around Here


    Hi Gollum

    i posted this in response to another post, i had this issue it is because of the bad firmware and the inability of the settings for 5G to be saved and applied

    my 5G now sits happily on the network and displays as connected with no issues

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